Aeism is a belief system that holds that spirituality is a normal part of life. Unlike the faith-based belief systems of materialism and theism, aeism is science-based.

Science has told us that virtually every indigenous group of human beings throughout the globe and throughout history have demonstrated a sense that there is something more than the material world, and some 85% of people in the world of today demonstrate that same sense. That is circumstantial evidence but evidence enough to conclude that there is something more than the material world.

We call that “something” spirituality, for want of a better word. Aeism accepts those scientific observations and accepts that “spirituality”, or something that is not of the material world, exists.

Every belief system must explain the universe, the existence of life, and the existence of man. Aeism is not an exception to that rule.

The materialist belief system has faith in the universe beginning from an infinitesimally small spot causelessly exploding into our universe. They believe life was created by the accidental combination of various inanimate particles, and that creatures have evolved through mistakes in transferring DNA from mother to progeny combined with natural selection. Science cannot present any evidence that those beliefs are right or wrong, hence they are held through faith.

The theistic belief system holds that a supreme being created the universe, life and man. This too cannot be proved or disproved and must also be accepted through faith.

Aeism looks to science for answers. There is empirical evidence that our universe is expanding from everywhere, that the center of the our universe is everywhere, that the cosmic microwave background radiation is coming from everywhere and the B-Mode polarization, produced at the beginning, is coming from everywhere.

Aeism accepts that information as empirical evidence that our universe began everywhere around 14 billion years ago. Should we observe information counter to the above we will consider whatever possibility is presented, but until that time we will consider our universe to have begun everywhere.

Aeism considers the question of the beginning of life to be a philosophical question. It is possible that when our universe began a form of ‘almost life with RNA’ was developed, capable of existing anywhere but in fire and which, finding itself in an environment where life could survive, would use it’s RNA to make DNA and life that would evolve until it found itself satisfied with it’s existence within that environment. If it’s environment changes so that it no longer is satisfied with it’s existence it will once again evolve until it finds itself satisfied with it’s existence in it’s new environment.

Aeism considers mankind to have evolved from a now extinct primate that is the species that chimpanzees and bonobo also evolved from; that homo sapiens began developing the awareness of intellectual abilities around 200,000 years ago, with each generation finding one or two more intellectually aware, until around 7000 years ago when we seem to have reached a ‘tipping point’ and suddenly ( in 5 or 10 generations) went from around a third of us aware to more than 80%, and humanity in general thus was intellectually aware.

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