Moments and periods in the structure of human beings.

A ‘short’ version, covering the necessities.  There are pages to be said about each moment and period; this just points them out.
Human beings go through a number of moments and periods from beginning to adulthood and sometimes beyond.  Although I don’t fully understand them, I have been able to discern their existence.

These are the moments in order of their happening:  First, the climax of the act that results in conception.  Second, the moment the intellect enters the womb at the end of the first trimester.  Third, the moment the physical body moves for the first time at the end of the second trimester.  Forth, the moment  when the digestive tract becomes fully functional at around two and a half years, and the child no longer needs the breast except for immune protection.  This moment gives such a sense of freedom that a few day-to-day memories appear.  Then fifth is the moment of intellectual awareness at around four and a half years after birth, and sixth, the moment of awareness of the future, during the eleventh year, which marks the beginning of adulthood.

The periods are the first trimester, the three and a half months when the embryo receives the emotions, feelings and actions it will use to function in life, then the second trimester, when the intellect studies the mother’s DNA for three and a half months to discover who it is and what it’s functions are.  The next period begins at the start of the third trimester and goes on  until the moment of intellectual awareness at around four and a half years after birth.  The remaining period goes from that moment of intellectual awareness to the moment of awareness of the future, another seven years.

So we have the moment of climax followed by the period of the first trimester, the moment the intellect arrives followed by three and a half months of studying the mother’s DNA, then the moment of first movement which redirects the intellect to it’s main job of assisting and protecting the physical being.  This job goes on until the child’s immune system begins to operate and the intellect can make itself known to the individual, so the child becomes intellectually aware.  That intellectual awareness drives the child to learn about the world around it, which takes around seven years, just as an apprenticeship, journeyman route leads one to mastery, hopefully, just as the child becomes aware of the future.

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