Why Science Thinks We’re Greedy

This has bugged me for many decades. I have always thought human beings in general to be honest, ethical, caring and considerate, while scientific authority says the only inherent trait of human beings is greed. One cannot be honest, ethical, caring, considerate and greedy; that is an oxymoronic statement.

As for traits I think that males have an inherent trait that leads to competition, while females have an inherent trait that leads to nurture. And I see no inherent trait leading to greed.

I expect I would find general acceptance of my thinking, yet ‘authority’ says we are only greedy. Why does ‘authority’ think we’re greedy while we in general think we are not?

I think that some people are born without the sense the general public has that there is something that is us and is more than us.  Those are the ones who insist we must ‘prove’ spirituality exists, we must ‘prove’ that we feel the effects of our honesty, ethics, our caring and consideration, or it’s just our imagination working overtime.

What no one seems to realize is that you cannot prove a sense exists to someone without that sense. If a blind man says light does not exist and demands you prove it’s existence, you can’t do it.

If someone does not have a sense one would expect they would accept they do not have it. But not the ‘authority’; the scientific leaders, who, by and large, do not possess the sense most creatures do that there is something that is us and is more than us, yet  insist that it is we who are enfeebled, those without that sensibility the norm.

But how do they feel greed?  Hunger causes the body to feel unsatisfied, they can obviously feel that, and I would suppose that, feeling nothing but what the body generates physically, it’s pretty easy to suppose nothing matters but physical satisfaction, which moves easily to greed in general.

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