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Why Science Thinks We’re Greedy

This has bugged me for many decades. I have always thought human beings in general to be honest, ethical, caring and considerate, while scientific authority says the only inherent trait of human beings is greed. One cannot be honest, ethical, caring, considerate and greedy; that is an oxymoronic statement. As for traits I think that males have an inherent trait that leads to competition, while females have an inherent trait… Read Article →

The intellect assisting and protecting.

As I said in a recent post, the intellect enters the embryo at the start of the second trimester. The job of the intellect from that moment until the immune system becomes fully functional at around four and a half years is to protect and assist.  At that point the child becomes aware of it’s intellect and is able to enter the world at large. The intellect’s tool for the… Read Article →

Moments and periods in the structure of human beings.

A ‘short’ version, covering the necessities.  There are pages to be said about each moment and period; this just points them out. Human beings go through a number of moments and periods from beginning to adulthood and sometimes beyond.  Although I don’t fully understand them, I have been able to discern their existence. These are the moments in order of their happening:  First, the climax of the act that results… Read Article →


Aeism is a belief system that holds that spirituality is a normal part of life. Unlike the faith-based belief systems of materialism and theism, aeism is science-based. Science has told us that virtually every indigenous group of human beings throughout the globe and throughout history have demonstrated a sense that there is something more than the material world, and some 85% of people in the world of today demonstrate that… Read Article →


I do not like that word and I won’t use it. I will use the word ‘climax’ instead. One’s excitement at the climax of the act of conception seems to have a life-long effect on the progeny in two ways. It becomes the maximum amount of excitement the progeny normally produces, and it seems that the more excited the participants are, the less restricting the epigenetic methylation is (with a… Read Article →

My studies

My academic education effectively ended at the sixth grade. I had learned how to read and write by then, and I’ve been forever grateful for that education, but beyond that I had no academic education. However, my sixth grade teacher convinced me to study evolution, and the year was 1950, the start of the accumulation of almost all the information we have today. At the start of that year, we… Read Article →

The Dumb Animal

I have recently seen three examples of our American societal stupidity that also agree with my theory that societal stupidity started in the ’50’s. The first was in February in the Frederick News Post. The former head of a county reading council with a masters in education and 11 years as a reading specialist was complaining that the newest method of teaching reading “is a big part of the reason… Read Article →